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FIN Reversal BreakDancer MT5


The indicator is based on the stochastic oscillator, built on the price chart. It shows potential reversal zones. The indicator contains a self-optimization module for finding the best settings. The indicator automatically saves optimized parameters for each trading instrument and timeframe.

  • Stochastic, built on the price chart;
  • Confirmation of reversal patterns from price action;
  • Fixed take profit;
  • Fixed stop loss;
  • Generating signals for automatic trading;
  • Statistics module for measuring trade indicators;
  • Optimization module for finding the best settings;
  • Save optimized settings for each trading instrument and timeframe.

  • UseInputSettings-use the input parameters of the indicator instead of the saved optimized parameters. It is usually used for automatic trading in Expert Advisors;
  • KPeriod – period of the K line of stochastic;
  • Slowing-deceleration of the line To stochastic;
  • dPERIOD – period of the stochastic signal line;
  • MovingPeriod – the period for building a price channel;
  • ATRPeriod – the ATR period for building the price channel (the daily timeframe is used);
  • ATRMult-ATR multiplier for building a price channel;
  • Overbought – stochastic overbought level;
  • Oversold – stochastic oversold level;
  • RetracementCoef-coefficient of the pullback movement for finding the entry point after determining the potential zone;
  • TakeProfitCoef-take profit multiplier;
  • StopLossCoef-multiplier for the stop loss.

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  • PrecalculateBars – the number of bars to optimize and calculate statistics;
  • MinimumTradesPerMonth – minimum number of transactions per month;
  • MinimumPipsPerTrade – minimum average profit in pips per trade;
  • MaximumLossSequence – the maximum number of losing trades in a row.

  • UseAlert – use alerts;
  • UseMail – use email alerts;
  • UsePush – use notifications on your phone;
  • UseSound – use sound notifications;
  • NotifySound – notification sound.

  • ShowPanels-show statistics and optimization panel;
  • clrBullishRect – color of the shopping area;
  • clrBearishRect – color of the sales area;
  • clrBullishBreakoutLine – color of the purchase entry line;
  • clrBearishBreakoutLine – color of the entry line to the sales;
  • clrTakeprofit – color of the take profit lines;
  • clrStoploss – color of the stop loss lines.


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