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Fulgent’s A.I. Engine is powered by a Genetic Algorithm that is specifically designed to find profitable Trading Rules in massive amounts of trading data.  Examining indicators, patterns, and events across multiple timeframes as well as relationships between markets, the A.I. identifies profitable setups out of trillions of possible combinations – a task that would be impossible for any human to accomplish.   The resulting Knowledge Base is continuously updated with the latest market data and events.
About Fulgent AI
The team at Fulgent has been applying Artificial Intelligence to the market with great success over the past 20 years. Using specific market measurements, security chart measurement, multiple time frame analysis and cross market correlation, Fulgent AI continually finds the best possible “setups” with unmatched accuracy and profitability.
For more information, please visit the website:


The EA is designed for AutoTrading.  If you want to run the simulation data an back testing via MetaTrader’s Strategy Tester please download the Fulgent AI Engine and refer to instructions at the following link:
Activate WebRequest for communication with Fulgent AI Engine:
– Under Tools>>Options, in Expert Advisor tab, enable “Allow Webrequest for listed URL”, and add the following URL:


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EA timeframe and symbols:

The Simulation statistics are shown for the 60 minute timeframe on USDJPY and EURUSD. Separate Genetic Algorithms Knowledge Bases have been created for long and short trades. The average length of trade is 5 hours. Both entry and exit orders are market orders.

This Expert Advisor can be applied to any Currency Futures contracts, including E-micro FOREX contracts, on any intraday timeframe.

EA parameters

Expert Parameters

magicNumber: Magic Number for this EA Strategy Parameters

Strategy Parameters

lots: Number of lots to trade on each signal

Trading Parameters

useMaxSpread: Enable the Max Spread filter

maxSpreadPips: Max Spread value in pips

useSlippage: Enable the Max Slippage filter

maxSlippage: Max Slippage value


entriesOnSunday: Enable trading on Sundays

entriesOnMonday: Enable trading on Monday

entriesOnTueday: Enable trading on Tuesday

entriesOnWednesday: Enable trading on Wednesday

entriesOnThursday: Enable trading on Thrusday

entriesOnFriday: Enable trading on Friday

entriesOnSaturday: Enable trading on Saturday


useTimeSlot1: Enable the first Time Slot

startTimeSlot1: Start time for first Time Slot

endTimeSlot1: End time for first Time Slot

useTimeSlot2: Enable the second Time Slot

startTimeSlot2: Start time for second Time Slot

endTimeSlot2: End time for second Time Slot



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