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This tool allows you to use hidden pending orders (buy / sell limit; buy/sell stop)

This is an Expert Advisor, so you need to save it in the Experts folder.

Run it on any chart with any period.

You place the necessary pending order, the EA remembers it (opening price, volume, instrument, stop loss, take profit, etc.) and then deletes it (hides it from the broker). As soon as the price reaches the level specified in your pending order, the Expert Advisor will open a trade with the parameters of your deleted order.

Information about the list of pending orders is shown at the top of the chart (see screenshots)

The Expert Advisor has only one input parameter: return_mode = true/false

If the parameter return_mode =true, when the Expert Advisor is removed from the chart, it returns all the hidden (deleted) orders that have not yet been set for the market.

If return_mode = false, when removed from the chart, the Expert Advisor does not return orders.

If you have any questions, please contact me:

Skype address: cuongph149

email [email protected]


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