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Top 3 profitable forex strategies in May 2021

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Top 10 Forex Expert Advisors in the last decade

Top 10 Forex Expert Advisors in the last decade

June 3, 2021

Newcomers to the forex market often experiment with new techniques and methods to generate profits a

Top 5 trading robots for profit on forex in 2021

Top 5 trading robots for profit on forex in 2021

May 27, 2021

Foreign exchange trading is one method to make big as well as steady earnings in a reasonably brief

Bollinger Bands Width indicator - eliminating the shortcomings of BB

Bollinger Bands Width indicator - eliminating the shortcomings of BB

May 26, 2021

Bollinger Bands or Bollinger Bands (BB) are a network sign that has a significant dis

This indicator determines the market modes based on the channel of moving averages for highs and lows. When the system is in bullish mode, the channel rises, and vice versa for a bear market. The goal of choosing a channel instead of a simple moving average is to gain the advantage of hysteresis and reduce false signals by using the range of values before switching from bullish to bearish mode.

Hysteresis is a natural phenomenon that manifests itself in magnetism, elasticity, cell division, and control theory (e.g., thermostats). In these systems, path dependence manifests itself, in which the current state depends on the path by which this state was reached. The system has memory, and the effects of the current changes will become noticeable only after a certain delay or or exceeding the range limit. Many believe that markets also need time to respond to new information and that this response is taking into account the recent history of the market. For the market mode filter, it is necessary that the price closes below the channel minimum before switching to bearish mode.

Interpretation of values

  • When the price is higher than the indicator value, the market is bullish and you need to look for opportunities to open a long position.
  • When the price is below the indicator value, the market is bearish and you need to consider opening a short position.

The Hysteresis indicator is primarily intended to be used as a trend filter in combination with other strategies or indicators. For example, you can use the Value Chart indicator in conjunction with the Hysteresis indicator. When Hysteresis indicates that the market is bullish, consider only the possibility of opening long positions and use the Value Chart indicator to determine temporary pullbacks and vice versa for a bear market.

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06 June 2014

14 January 2016


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cvdestyfx June 10, 2021 8:18 pm

This indication determines the marketplace settings based upon the network of relocating standards for highs and lows When the system remains in bullish setting the channel climbs as well as the other way around for a bearish market The goal of choosing a network rather than a simple relocating average is to obtain the advantage of hysteresis as well as lower incorrect signals by utilizing the variety of worths prior to switching over from favorable to bearish mode Hysteresis is a natural sensation that manifests itself in magnetism elasticity cellular division as well as control concept e g thermostats In these systems course reliance materializes itself in which the current


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