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This is a really smooth and quiet CCI indicator that dynamically calculates four amounts: purchase, market, overbought, and oversold. Experienced traders are well aware that the levels of 100 and 200 or even -100 and -200 are not always accurate and have to be adjusted. This indicator dynamically calculates these levels using mathematical and statistical methods.

  • Buffer0 – “Smoothed CCI”.
  • Buffer1 – “Original CCI”.
  • Buffer2 – “overbought level”.
  • Buffer3, the “oversold level”.
  • Buffer4 – “purchase level”.
  • Buffer5 – “level of sales”.
  • Buffer6 – “signals”.

  • CCI Period: The CCI period, similar to the original CCI.
  • For how many bars calculate levels: the number of bars to draw buy/sell and overbought/oversold levels. Due to complex calculations and statistical calculations, it is not recommended to set a high value.
  • CCI smoothing level: Smoothing CCI movements with an improved, non-lagging and accurate moving average.
  • Depth of used candles for mathematics: the depth of the history in candles used in the dynamic calculation of the sell/buy and overbought/oversold levels.
  • Show original CCI: Renders the original CCI at the same time as the smoothed CCI.
  • Type of signal: the type of signals sent, “leaves the buy/sell zone”, “enters the buy/sell zone”, “leaves the overbought/oversold zone”,”enters the overbought/oversold zone”.
  • Safe modesignalling: filtering signals by the main trend.
  • Show divergence: display possible convergence above the indicator.
  • Alert for signals: Enable / disable alerts about a buy or sell signal.
  • Notification for signals: Enable / disable push notifications on your mobile device when a buy or sell signal appears.
  • Drawing mode Indicator: displays an indicator in the form of a histogram or line.

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