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Monster Harmonic Indicator


Monster Harmonics-indicator of harmonic patterns. It recognizes the following models: Gartley (Gartley), Bat (Bat), Crab (Crab), Butterfly (Butterfly), Monogram (Cypher), Black Swan (Black Swan), White swan (White Swan), Shark (Shark) and AB=CD. Unfinished models are also recognized. Monster even shows a Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ).

Users can add their own patterns.

In addition to the current model, Monster also shows all the models in the character history.

Monster issues alerts when new models appear.

Introduced by H. M. Gartley and popularized by Scott M. Carney, harmonic models are the most effective tools in the traders ‘ arsenal. Although the underlying projections and Fibonacci coefficients are quite complex, the indicator simplifies the task of finding models. Monster is a great tool for better trading on harmonic patterns.

The default indicator settings are quite effective most of the time. You can customize them based on your needs.

  • Show Control Panel? – show / hide the control panel.
  • Show Pattern Projections? – show / hide predicted models.
  • Show Invalidated Patterns? – show / hide invalid models.
  • Minimum Accuracy Percent – the minimum percentage of accuracy for model recognition.
  • Price Must Touch All Minimum Ratios-if true, it must reach all the minimum coefficients (the price must reach all the minimum values of the coefficients, increasing the efficiency of the model).
  • Show ‘PatternName’ Patterns? – show / hide a specific model.
  • Show Pattern Label? – the value true displays the model label on the chart.
  • Show Pattern Accuracy? – the value true displays the accuracy of the model on the chart.
  • Show Ratio Labels and Lines? – the value true displays the coefficients of the model on the graph.
  • Show Initialization User Patterns? – the value true displays the results of initialization of the user model in the Experts tab.
  • Show Fibonacci Projections in PRZ? – show / hide the Fibonacci projections in PRZ.
  • Show Perfect Ratio Levels? – show / hide the Fibonacci projections in a different color.
  • Show Risk/Reward in PRZ? – show / hide risk / profit in PRZ.
  • Show Alerts? – enable / disable all alerts.
  • Show Screen Alerts? – enable / disable the display of alerts on the screen.
  • Email Alerts? – if true, alerts are sent by email.
  • Push Alert Notifications? – if true, alerts are sent as push notifications.
  • Color Palette-select a color palette for a dark or light background.
  • colo (u)rs-color settings.
  • Zigzag parameters-configure ZigZag.

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Users can add their own models to Monster. To do this, you need to edit the Monster_UserPatterns.csv file, which can be found in the user data folder. The file already contains a pattern pattern.

Monster works in the strategy tester. It is recommended to test the Expert Advisor in visual mode, as in this case you can see the models on the display. For example, you can test EURUSD H1 starting from January 1, 2017.

Monster displays the current pattern using the iCustom () function. The code with the example is presented in the “Discussion” section (page 14, comment 273).

Monster redraws only the last point of the model (point D), following the price.

You can find more information about Monster in this blog (in English).


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