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Strong movement levels


It looks for strong price movements and draws levels at their completion.

You determine the strength of the movement yourself by specifying in the settings the number of points and the number of candles of the same color in a row in one direction. 

There are 2 types of construction in the settings: 

You can also adjust the number of displayed levels and the number of candles for calculations.

By default, the settings specify 5 levels for 360 candles.

That is, 5 levels will be calculated for strong upward movements, 5 levels for strong downward movements on the interval of 360 candles of the current timeframe. 

The default settings are set for the EURUSD pair, period H1.

The pictures show the EURUD and GBPUSD pairs, the H1 period.

For the first pair, the default settings are. And on the second, the parameter of the number of points of strength has been changed from 200 to 300.

Strong movements are calculated based on the logic of this indicator: 

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