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that index is based onto the concept of building trend lines by Thomas Demark with some changes in the hunt for TD points.

The index permits you to search and display TD lines located on higher timeframes. that’s, you don’t need to change to a higher interval so as to see what TD lines are on it. The elderly the interval from the present one, the thicker the line.

There are three kinds of breakouts in the indicator, like Demark. You can set up a filter by type of breakouts.

The TD line can be in three states:

  • Not open.
  • Open. A breakout of the TD line was made and the conditions for the type of breakout were met.
  • Closed. By default, the display of closed TD lines in the indicator is disabled. The TD line is closed if the conditions for closing are met.

When the TD line breaks, the opening icon appears above the breakout bar. You can configure the display of lines and icons in the indicator parameters.

Telegram channel:    https://t.me/d_products

Telergam chat :     https://t.me/d_products_chat

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  • Enable Push Notifications-allows you to enable Push notifications
  • Show icon opening channel – show the icon of the opened channel
  • showclosetdline – allows you to enable the display of TD lines that have been closed.
  • Count of bars for analysis-indicates the number of history bars to be analyzed.
  • Number of bars for TD-point – the number of bars on the left and right when searching for a TD-point.
  • Enable a search of lines on senior timeframes-allows you to disable the search for TD lines on higher timeframes.
  • Maximum number of bars between the TD-points – the maximum number of bars between the TD-points on the calculated timeframe. If the number of bars is greater, the TD line is searched for in the next period.
  • Open only correction-tdlines-open only “correction” lines
  • tdline break without type – do not use any type of breakout
  • Type of a tdline break 1 – type of breakout 1
  • Type of a tdline break 2 – type of breakout 2
  • Type of a tdline break 3 –type of breakout 3
  • Show only line of type “failure swing” – show only lines of type ” failure swing”
  • Show only line of type “correction TD-line” –show only correction TD-line”
  • Close line if there was a reverse break – close the line if there was a reverse break
  • Lifetime of tdline– the lifetime of the line in its relative dimensions.


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