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  • Support for creating monthly, weekly, daily, four-hour, one-hour, and thirty-minute profiles.
  • The daily profile has a configurable start time.
  • Merge and split market profiles.
  • The profile anchor point can be exported to CSV format for later analysis.

  • Indicator Update Interval – indicator calculation period, from 250 milliseconds to 2.5 seconds
  • Indicator Setting ID – ID for the current indicator settings.
  • Profile Number – The number of displayed market profiles.
  • Profile Type – the Type of profile (Daily, Weekly, Monthly).
  • Data Period – The data timeframe used to create the market profile.
  • Day Start Time – The start time for the daily profile.
  • Row Size in Pips – The price step for calculating the TPO.
  • IB Numbar – The number of bars to calculate the initial balance.
  • Mode Histogram-Use the profile as a histogram or TPO.
  • Hide Chart-Hide or display the chart of candlesticks/bars.
  • TPO Font Name – The name of the font to display the TPO.
  • Color Scheme-Select a preset color scheme or one specified by the user.
  • TPO Color – The TPO color specified by the user.
  • Histogram Color – The color of the histogram specified by the user.
  • Value Area Color – The color of the value area specified by the user.
  • POC Color – The POC color specified by the user.
  • Initial Balance Color – The color of the initial balance specified by the user.
  • Enable Data Export to Global Variables-Enable data export to global variables.
  • Global Variables Prefix – The prefix for global variables.
  • Profile Data to Export-Export the data (to global variables) of the currently created profile or the last EOD profile.
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