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  • Support for creating monthly, weekly, daily, four-hour, one-hour, and thirty-minute profiles.
  • The daily profile has a configurable start time.
  • Merge and split market profiles.
  • The profile anchor point can be exported to CSV format for later analysis.

  • Indicator Update Interval – indicator calculation period, from 250 milliseconds to 2.5 seconds
  • Indicator Setting ID – ID for the current indicator settings.
  • Profile Number – The number of displayed market profiles.
  • Profile Type – the Type of profile (Daily, Weekly, Monthly).
  • Data Period – The data timeframe used to create the market profile.
  • Day Start Time – The start time for the daily profile.
  • Row Size in Pips – The price step for calculating the TPO.
  • IB Numbar – The number of bars to calculate the initial balance.
  • Mode Histogram-Use the profile as a histogram or TPO.
  • Hide Chart-Hide or display the chart of candlesticks/bars.
  • TPO Font Name – The name of the font to display the TPO.
  • Color Scheme-Select a preset color scheme or one specified by the user.
  • TPO Color – The TPO color specified by the user.
  • Histogram Color – The color of the histogram specified by the user.
  • Value Area Color – The color of the value area specified by the user.
  • POC Color – The POC color specified by the user.
  • Initial Balance Color – The color of the initial balance specified by the user.
  • Enable Data Export to Global Variables-Enable data export to global variables.
  • Global Variables Prefix – The prefix for global variables.
  • Profile Data to Export-Export the data (to global variables) of the currently created profile or the last EOD profile.

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18 February 2014


17 October 2016

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vghanem February 16, 2021 7:34 am

Great sign.Ahmad is really a brilliance. Finest bang for your buck. Why then not 5 celebrities? 1. It is always good if the Chart Board included as well rotational aspect to assist forex traders conluence the overal marketplace strenght and route. 2. If TPOS had been color coded to mirror The key buying and selling periods inside the everyday account that might be wonderful. Precious trustworthy coder we would be happy to see this modifications soon within the next variation.

FXING February 16, 2021 7:34 am

Vital. An absolute must have.

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