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Trajecta Card is an indicator of trading signals, which is based on the evolutionary, non-redrawing, self-adjusting algorithms of Trajecta Labs, enclosed in the Trajecta Magic system.

  • Trajecta Labs System: Trajecta Magic
  • System strategy: based on volatility
  • Signal strategy: based on functional filters
  • Signal algorithms: standard and proprietary genetic algorithms and indicators
  • Setting up the signal: automatic
  • Market/instrument: any currency pair on the Forex market
  • The main settings of the software parameters: EURUSD, H1 and USDJPY, M5
  • The best currencies for this strategy: USD, EUR and JPY
  • The best timeframes for this strategy: H1 and D1
  • Recommended trading signal quality: at least 80%
  • Appointment: most suitable for swing trading
  • Risk: moderate risk is preferred
  • The testing period on the history: 2,000 (check the minimum number of terminal bars)
  • Timeframe for testing on the history: any timeframe, and it is important to choose the best one within the recommended quality of the trading signal.

Indicator systems of trading signals from Trajecta are systems of innovative, non-redrawing, automatic indicators of trading signals for buying/selling for any currency pair and period.

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The decision support system in our indicators is based on the same technology that is used in our successful line of Trajecta Labs trading signals published on MQL5. At the same time, indicators are used instead of experts. The main difference here is that the indicators do not place orders, and the trader has the opportunity to make trading decisions both independently and with the help of the indicator’s trading signals. 

Trading is completely carried out by the trader. The advantage of such indicators is their very low cost compared to our 100% automatic trading experts and subscription trading signals.  

All our trading signals are created on the basis of a” smart ” system for determining the best and worst trading periods (intelligent risk analysis).

The indicator allows you to visualize the best time to perform a trading operation using the trend overview panel and gives the trader the opportunity to visually test the strategy on any pair and timeframe.

There is no need to configure anything further – the indicators are configured based on the analysis of data from the most profitable sets of Trajecta Labs parameters for signal algorithms. The indicator will search for buy/sell signals and notify you about them using alerts that can be configured at the user’s request.

With the help of the presented indicator of trading signals, traders can determine the best pairs and timeframes and visually evaluate certain trading signals. 

This is our first indicator that has a Trajecta VTP Trend Overview panel – an innovative panel that facilitates decision-making when using trading signal indicators. The panel contains an algorithm for determining the best and worst signal periods. The information is provided in real time using the following symbols:

  • Gray color: probably a weak trend (usually at the beginning of the signal appearance)
  • Green color: probably a strong trend (a good time for partial closing of a position)
  • Blue color: probably, the end of a strong trend is approaching
  • Red color: probably a bad signal (be ready to stop trading)

Making a lot of efforts to create an opportunity to visualize the testing of indicators of trading signals, we have developed a technology for visual testing of indicators – Trajecta VIB.

Our innovative system will allow you to conduct multiple testing on any pair and timeframe at the touch of a single button.

To do this, you need to maximize the scale of the graph and visually compare the number of green/blue bars and red bars. The more bars of green/blue color, the better.

The quality control panel displays information about the last signal and its quality:

  • Indicator version
  • Strategy
  • Last signal (BUY or SELL)
  • Average signal period (the average duration of all signals)
  • Signal quality (real-time signal quality indicators)

You can activate the alert panel and receive messages when the signal direction changes.


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