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bunch quantity evaluation is currently available in MetaTrader 5!

YuСlusters is an expert tool for this evaluation of trade volumes. The cluster chart relies upon tick
info. For indices financial tools, this is the volume, type and cost of the transaction; for Forex instruments, it is the actual or tick volume
(depends on the agent) and the Bid price.

There are 7 criteria for building clusters available:

  • Time interval, the grade is set in seconds.
  • Price range, the grade is set in points. The current cluster will close when the transaction price goes beyond the specified price range
    in this case, the current transaction will fall into the closed cluster, and the next transaction will open a new cluster. The range is considered as
    the difference between the maximum and minimum price in the cluster.
  • The difference (Delta) between sales and purchases. The current cluster will close when the Delta with the next transaction exceeds the specified volume.
    The next transaction will open a new cluster.
  • Total volume of transactions. The current cluster will be closed when the sum of sales and purchases in the cluster exceeds the specified amount with the next transaction
  • Number of ticks. The cluster is formed by a given number of ticks.
  • Type of transaction. The cluster is formed by similar transactions.
  • The price reversal. The cluster will be formed when the price passes in the opposite direction a certain number of points.

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There are 8 cluster views available:

  • “Delta” – displays the Delta.
  • “Delta %” – displays the Delta as a percentage of the corresponding ASK or BID volume.
  • “BID ASK” – displays the sum of BID ASK volumes.
  • “ASK
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